1. Mladen Tomić, The School of Higher Technical Professional Education, Niš, Serbia
2. Mića Vukić , Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Niš , Serbia
3. Predrag Živković, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Niš , Serbia
4. Žana Stevanović, University of Belgrade, Vinča Institute of Nuclear Sciences, Serbia, Serbia
5. Ivan Ćirić, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Niš, Serbia

The goal of this paper is to investigate thermal and fluid flow processes in a air/water perforated plate heat exchanger. The experimental investigation was carried out over a single perforated plate which was installed in an experimental chamber and heated by hot water. A fan with variable flow was connected to the experimental chamber, and the flow rates were varied from 100 up to 360 m3/h. The thermocouples were attached to the surface of the perforated plate along upwind and downwind side, as well as at the inlet and outlet of the chamber. During each experiment, the readings of thermocouples were recorded alongside with air and water volume flow and temperatures of water at the inlet and outlet of the chamber. On the basis of the experimental results equations for heat transfer and pressure drop were established. On the end, a comparison was done with other authors.

Ključne reči: perforated plate; experimental research; heat transfer; pressure drop

Konferencija: 12th International conference on accomplishments in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering and Information Technology (DEMI 2015)

Datum: 04.03.2015.god.